Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Who dares Eagle-Man?

One thing I've always struggled with my Eagle-Man stories is coming up with a decent villain for him to go up against. I've had a few who were okay, but with the ideas that I currently have in my head, they really don't work. The only one whom I'd keep is a fella named The Harbinger, who basically is part of a race that inhabited Earth before the coming of the human race (he's humanlike in appearance - perhaps in the new version, he'd be a former angel or something along those lines.) He wants this current age to pass, and he tries to bring on the destruction of the planet by awakening a dragon. Not a bad idea, and I'll probably tweak it and add it to the current mythology.

Without a doubt, the two superheroes with the best rogues galleries are Spider-Man and Batman. All their villains are so perfectly suited to battling their respective heroes. The Joker represents the chaos that's in conflict with Batman's order. The Green Goblin represents the corrupted man who battles against the idealistic youth of Spider-Man. Great stuff, and I want mine to be just as good.

I figure that everyone he fights needs to have some kind of an animal theme in some way or another. I want to bring in other elements as well that keep a slight, satircal bent. I'm currently thinking of an evangelist who's secretly a vampire (the animal theme, of course, being that of a bat.) I also want to make fun of pundits - but what animal best corresponds with the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh? Leeches? I'm not sure, but I'll come up with something.