Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Eagle-Epic

First off, just want to let you know that I fixed the link on the last post. That story should pop right up in MS Word.

Secondly, it probably looks like I haven't been doing much as far as Eagle-Man is concerned. That couldn't be further from the truth, as I've been doing a lot of ruminating - mostly in my head, but I've been making notes and I have the first few pages of a story going.

This one, if I manage to pull it off, is going to be big. It's going to be my The Odyssey. I don't want to write too much about it on this blog, but here's a little:

I start off with the general concept of the Left Behind books. In case you don't know what those are, they're a series of books that deal with "the rapture" and the prophecies from the Book of Revelation. They deal with those who were "left behind" after the rapture, the rise of the anti-Christ, the seven-year tribulation, etc. They're pretty popular amongst fundamentalist Christians, and while they're supposed to be action/adventure, a lot of Christians take them quite seriously and seriously believe that they're laying out a scenario that's actually going to happen.

Of course, I haven't actually read this crap. I did see the movie that was based on the first book. Don't bother with it. I thought it would be funny bad, but it's boring bad. Still, there are so many patently absurd things in there, and it is an interesting setup, that I want to do my own riff on it. So, I've been scouring the summaries on Wikipedia and making notes based on that. Also, I've been looking into the actual Book of Revelation and the Gospels for further inspiration.

So, it's basically Eagle-Man versus the fundamentalist end times. It will also involve time travel, zombies, an army of archaic gods, and many angels getting their heads smashed in. If I can pull this one off, it should be pretty fun. My plan is to work on it this summer (since I won't be working).


ForHisSake said...

Totally off subject:

I have been reading your comments on Ray Comforts Blog and have read many of your other posts on your personal blogs.

I guess I felt compelled (especially by your hummingbird comment and the way in which Ray attempted to respond to it) to connect.

I will leave that entirely up to you.

If you ever want to dialogue with me, please feel free to do.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

By all means. Shoot me an email.

ShaneShock said...

Yeah. Left Behind. I tried reading the first book. It's like trying to eat Cheez-Its without chewing them -- cheesy, dry, and hard to swallow. Deep down I always worry if my own writing is that bad.


Anonymous said...

Shaneshock has a good point!

I've tried to read it, but came away with "what?". You really do live in your own little world.

Hope you wake up before its too late brother. Death comes to every man, and without Christ in your life, your works will not cut it!

SIDE NOTE: Your attempts to discredit Ray only make you look very SAD in the eyes of everyone on the blog. Praying for you!

Lance Christian Johnson said...


I don't think you understood what Shaneshock wrote.

And no preaching on my blog, please.